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Garment couplet net: The bad gene of adapting dress B2B

10/01/2012 21:10 0 Comentarios Lectura: ( palabras)

Garment couplet net: The bad gene of adapting dress B2B

Should cleanlouis vuitton outlets out treasure store, Tecent the traditional B2B2C a group of people of same interest such as platform of super cable business, " retail trade " during domain of fictitious commerce real estate contends for relative superiority or inferiority, another kind " wholesale business " the development of fictitious land agent also is in brew sadly.

Body part invests the B2B domain of bound cold reception in recent years, the garment couplet network that just established in April 2009, in order to open model platform of business affairs of dress B2B electron, advance the direct dialog of clothing factory and clothing store, the informatization of current channel develops stimulative dress, a year short inside half time, induct factory of nearly 5000 clothing and jobber, finish those louis vuitton outlets stores who exceed 1 billion yuan to trade the forehead.

Be in south sponsor 3C innovation medium is big 2011 on award, participate net of company clothes couplet to tell about make small innovation from value, service and technical tripartite face, come true from traditional B2B the transition process to fictitious land agent.

Dress B2B enrols business upstream

the person that offset is expended, dress is wholesale not be a new industry. Be in Guangzhou, humanness of edifice of Bai Ma, new China islouis vuitton outlets store online hep, roar the stream of people that will go becomes choose of these a few wholesale edifices commercial treasure ground, prices of these hire of shop of wholesale building business had achieved lunar hire 4000 yuan / square metre, it is 20 times of office building property commonner, and the dress that undertakes in these buildings is wholesale trade the forehead achieves 150 billion yuan / year.

Place of garment couplet net does, replace a tradition namely (hypostatic) costume terminal market, move will trade tolouis vuitton outlets online arrive on the line below the line, the huge trade in getting these commercial real estate thereby spreads value. Yu Hua of general manager of garment couplet network tells south reporter, the business mode of garment couplet net is simple, namely " Bai Ma (China's famous costume terminal market) such hypostatic market business is moved to the net to undertake, shirt-sleeve iformation flow + capital flows + content flows, make purchase business downstream (clothing store) can direct the supplier with upper reaches (clothing factory, jobber) trade. Make purchase business downstream (clothing store) can direct the supplier with upper reaches (clothing factory, jobber) trade..

Nevertheless, this looks be like simple commercial pattern, involve the minor details of dress electron business affairs however, for instance resource conformity, copyright is protected, it is industry personnel even the cognitive level to electronic business affairs. From authentic louis vuitton outlets this and come, option of garment couplet net left " get together first downstream, enrol upper reaches again " the road of retrorse development. "Garment couplet net does not have imitable example, we choose to pass business affairs of electron of personal sortie dress, with ' body skin is contacted ' the experience that means finishs business affairs of pair of electron of dress B 2B is accumulated and market survey. " Yu Hua says, even if is the B 2B field that body part gets investment group to ignore, still can pass small innovation, alter the backward gene of traditional B2B.

Of fractionize industry " small innovation "

Yu Hua expresses, at present the profit of garment couplet net originates upriver supplier, income structure is " cost entering the arena + trade commission " .

"Of nibble of garment couplet net is the market of hypostatic and wholesale store, we are in the part essence in industrial catenary is fictitious land agent. " he thinks, thelouis vuitton 2012 fictitious land agent of retail trade replaces a line completely very hard to leave hypostatic store, but the fictitious land agent of wholesale business is in this respect potential is tremendous, because " garment couplet swims up and down the user of two end is commercial user, differ with individual user, what commercial user goes after above all is cost, is not an experience, this is the reason that garment couplet values fractionize industry B2B to develop. This is the reason that garment couplet values fractionize industry B2B to develop..

Solved the problem of cost, be aimed at the demand with wholesale dress and characteristic namely next, undertake the innovation of value, service and technology, in order to satisfy the need that the industry admits. For example, copy edition system and region protection system according to developing the network with garment particularlouis vuitton outlet industry to prevent, solve clothing company to borrowed to dress design me-too trouble back at home, with this firm competition advantage; Purchase the forehead to compare the reality with B 2C retail large amount according to dress at the same time, the design suits big those who order trade flow, and the small order that changes continue to use of domain of electronic business affairs orders flow, implementation market is practical value.

On value innovation, will traditional B2B solves the backward mode of iformation flow only, extend flow to capital + iformation flow + the confluence that content sheds. In addition, abandonlouis vuitton wallets traditional B2B extensive serves gimmick, with " one-stop solution ", compose is built include an user to groom, acting guest is decorated, order is urged receive those who wait inside " baby-sitter type " service system, settle costume market " most user does not know electric business " difficult problem.

"Garment couplet net is located is most the B 2B field that gets investmentlouis vuitton speedy group negligence, but pass small innovation, the wholesale business of garment couplet network that finish is fictitious the change of land agent, make clothing channel of wholesale main body. " Yu Hua thinks, will current dress " design - production - sale " mode translate into " design - book (sale) - production ", can make dress B2B progressively replace hypostatic terminal market.

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